Industries Served:

Medical, Automotive
Packaging, Marine, Pool
Tent, Awning, Tarp
Filter, Liner
Loose Leaf Bindery
Apparel, Footwear, Inflatables
and Many More...

As a leader in R.F.(Radio Frequency) Heat Sealing/Welding - Equipment Sales, Service, Parts and Tube Sales... Dielectric Sealing is committed to providing you with the very best to keep your business running strong or make it stronger with improvements. We can help you if you are just starting out using R.F. Heat Sealing /Welding Equipment. We make it easy for you by passing on the knowledge that we have learned through the years, taking the guess work out of it and saving you time and money.

Used Equipment Sales - 1 to 100 kW Standard & Custom machines. Radio Frequency Bar Sealers, Medical Sealers, Packaging Sealers, Turntables, Shuttles, Indexers... and a full line of automation with Pick and Place, Material Cutter/Feeders, Strippers... Turnkey systems are available.
These machines are built to last and they do. They can run 24-7-365 with no problems. We have competitive pricing!
We can also help you in acquiring used equipment that is for sale by other customers and companies that are upgrading, down-sizing, relocating or going out of business.
See our Used Equipment List or call us at 630-875-1600.

Service - We service all brands of U.S. manufactured machines and most foreign made machines.
    We can:    

        •Repair your equipment in a fast and affordable manner.

        •Keep your equipment running its very best with preventative maintenance.                     

        •Make upgrades to be more efficient and increase productivity.

Parts - We have a huge inventory of parts for most U.S. and some foreign made machines. If we do not have it, we will try to get it. We offer reasonable prices.

Tubes - Dielectric Sealing is the largest distributor of rebuilt tubes for industrial use. We have a large inventory and have a constant flow of tubes being rebuilt and circulated, as well as new tubes. We have many sources for new tubes and buy them in quantities so we can lower the price to you, the consumer.

Testing - We test RF Field Strength, Frequency and Power Density so you are operating at the required specifications of OSHA & FCC regulations. We can also test your Oscillator tubes, Vacuum Capacitors and most Arc Suppressors.

Training - We will Train your Operators and Maintenance Personnel at your facility on: Theory, Safety, Application, Setup, Operating, Maintenance, Troubleshooting, Increasing productivity and promoting longevity of your equipment.

Consulting R.F. Tooling and Die making are also available. - We can help you over the phone with your technical issues, from setting up applications to R.F. Oscillator circuit problems.

We know that we can help you - give us a try!

Equipment Sales, Service, Parts, Tubes, Training
Consulting, Testing, Free Tech Support North America Only


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Equipment Sales, Service, Parts, Tubes, Training, Testing, Consulting, Tech Support North America Only